David Brewster is an experienced and professional writer of business books, business memoir, company history and personal memoir.


Quality book writing by a professional ghostwriter. Writing of professional business books, business memoir, company history and personal memoir. 

A ghostwriter who spent 20 years in the corporate world, understands business and can speak your language. 

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Spanning more than a hundred years, Scattered Pearls tells the true stories of Sohila, her mother and her grandmother, and the injustice and abuse meted out by the men in their lives. It is a story of cultural misogyny in both Iran and Australia, and of an ongoing search for a loving, equal relationship.

by Sohila Zanjani with David Brewster
Published by Simon & Schuster Australia

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Based in Melbourne, Australia, but working anywhere, David provides a high-quality writing service for corporations, SMEs and individuals in any industry.

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Talk about really grasping a thought and translating it into the most elegant and simple writing – that is David Brewster. David has been my secret weapon in converting a dream into reality, enabling my ‘English as a second language’ to go unnoticed. I feel honoured to have such a talented writer working with me.
— Marta Ferreira, aleanbook.com
David’s ability to listen without knowing or judging, to ask questions that generate comprehensive and detailed responses and then maintain the integrity of what he has heard in what he writes, is a true gift. We deeply value his contribution to our work.
— Gayle Hardie and Malcolm Lazenby, Global Leadership Foundation
I can’t believe I’ve got a book published so quickly. From rough draft to fabulous finished product in just a few weeks. I just loved the way you managed my recent book project taking me through every stage. You made self-publishing painless and super-easy. Best of all, I’ve got a super product in my hand ready-to-go to my market. A huge thank you for a job well done.
— Michael Grose, author of 9 books for parents and founder of parentingideas.com.au